MT Laboratories (MT Labs)

Akira Matsuo, CEO

Local Expertise, Global Understanding

Who We Are

Originally founded as an exclusive developer of machine translation in 1992, MT Laboratories (MTL) has gone on to expand our operations with human translation in 15 languages, copywriting, web development, dictionary database, and more. With extensive involvement in inbound tourism activities and attention to international trends, MTL offers global perspectives. We handle requests from individuals to local governments to international companies. Based in Nagano, Japan, MT Labs has developed particularly strong, ongoing relationships with city governments, major sightseeing destinations, and businesses throughout the prefecture and surrounding region. Offering competitive cost performance, MTL delivers high quality results at reasonable rates.

Our services include:

Our Translation Philosophy

Our diverse team of translators consists of native speakers of the target languages who are assigned projects according to their specializations. Since translating goes beyond just being able to read and write in the target language, the work we do takes into account the necessity of cultural awareness and translation know-how in order to convey the essence of the translated text naturally. All translations are also double-checked by native speakers of the source language to ensure quality and correctness.

Capable of Handling Web Projects for Any Sort of Company or Organization

See a complete list of our successful projects here (Japanese site).

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